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We use world cup technology adapted for the “normal” skiing. 


Each pair of skis gets the binding mounted and their edges sharpened by Henrik, or one of our experts trained by Henrik, before delivery. 


Henrik’s sharpening technic has been developed over many years is far above what one can get in any ski-workshop short of having your own a world cup service rep at hand.



Our skis are sandwich constructions, which means that the ski is made out of layers on top of each other. This is called an open construction and gives us unlimited options for changes, upgrades or the making of special editions without restrictions. 


That’s why all racing skis are made this way…

The drawback is that it's a more expensive way of makings skis… The benefits are just about everting else...


Power plates

The VIST World Cup Pro is a plate of absolute top performance and is normally only found on World Cup skis.

Plates are made in eloxated aluminium and POM plastic with an interface of rubber between ski and plate!

We have been developing our very own freeride plate, more information to come!



We like Marker, they meet our standard and we use them in all our skis.


This year we are using Griffon, Jester and x-cell. 

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