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This ski is all about performance…bite, traction and power!

The intention is to bring on the performance of a full WC ski but with a turning radius that suits the everyday skier. 

Materials is the absolute best and the craftmanship is outrageous!
We have done extensive testing with different combinations of bindings and plates to achieve the optimal balance between bite and sliding properties!

The quality and performance built into this ski is something you normally can´t buy for money, it´s simply way beyond commercial performance skis!

114 mm

174 cm

69 mm

99 mm

radius 17 m

99 mm

69 mm

182 cm

114 mm

radius 19 m

The table shows the primary properties, keep in mind that all Hendryx Skis has properties that excel in different conditions and has a far wider range of use then the whatever ski you been stepping in to until now!


All Degüello skis comes standard with VIST World Cup Pro plates. They are CNC-routed Alu-pom, fully floating with vibrational dampening.

Standard bindings are Marker x-cell 12.

You have the option to mount Marker x-cell 16.

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