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Hendryx Skis started after some severe frustration of submarining freeride skis. The freeride ski design at the time was completely wrong and with Hendriks background in surf and windsurf, with influences from snowboarders, he redesigned the ski. 

As the skis got wider, he started to experiment with duck mounted bindings to reduce the drawbacks of wide skis on harder basis. This led to wider skis for groomers. which was a shock to many, and it started a trend towards wider skis that could take on both pow and groomers. This, in turn, led him into pist skis and he designed the first rockered pist ski, The Ace of Spades which todays 917 is a derivative of.

These days we strive to make those skis that you normally can´t by for money available to our customers. Making skis out of the finest materials, the most advanced plates in combination with the best suitable bindings!


For the foreseeable future Hendryx Skis will be a brand for the avid skier who wants something special, unique and just plain better. Not a mass market brand but specialist brand with small series of hand-built sweetness. 

The founder


For as long as I can remember I have been skiing and I have seen myself foremost as a skier! 

Ever since I got my first pair of skis, I have always had a special relationship with them! I could imagine how they would turn, feel and perform just by holding them or looking at them! Or even how they would perform if a change a little bit of this, or a little bit of that.

A big part of my skiing experience is closely related to having that feeling for the equipment. Equipment that do what I want and feels like an extension of my body! Today,

I use that feeling to translate design and construction into a ski that has that behavior.

Every day I strive to find that perfect combination of design, material and construction!

For me it´s about finding that magic feeling in the equipment…to have a full skiing experience, not hindered by the material but helped by it…!

Tomas Bergemalm testing a pair of new skis in Chamonix!

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